Storage and Streaming Overages

If you exceed your monthly storage, and or streaming, you will be charged a small overage fee to cover the amount of storage and or streaming used.

Email warnings are sent before you exceed your plan limits. 

The first email is sent when you are at 80% of your storage or streaming limit for the month. A second email will be sent when you reach 100% of your account’s limits. You can always see your usage details in the Admin Panel’s Dashboard section. 

If you exceed your limits for the month, your account will continue to function and will still be able to upload, download, and send packages without interruption. At the end of the month, your overages will be totaled and you will be charged an overage fee of $4.00 per gigabyte. 

You can also purchase additional storage and streaming for your plan, which is more cost-effective than the overage fee. You can purchase additional gigabytes for your account by visiting the Upgrade section under the top navigation bar. You can then upgrade your plan or select your existing plan and just add storage or streaming from the Add On's options.


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