SendYourMedia Email Bounce Policy

The following is SendYourMedia's Email Bounce Policy.

​This policy exists for the purposes of ensuring that all emails sent by our subscribers reach their intended recipients. Our ability to deliver is key to our success and existence. More importantly, we strive to provide you with an exceptional service.

The very first time that an email blast is sent from a new address book in your account, we will throttle down to 25 message bursts every 5 seconds. This will give SendYourMedia some time to see if there are any bounces coming back from your address book. As SendYourMedia keeps sending emails, it will monitor that this email blast does not exceed 5% in Hard Bounces nor .1% in Complaints. If these limits are exceeded, SendYourMedia will suspend sending emails from this address book and will send you an alert email.

An email that receives a Soft Bounce will be resent multiple times over the course of 3 days. If unable to deliver after 3 days, we log the email address as a Soft Bounce in the Activity Log. If that email address continues to Soft Bounce when being sent in the future, the address will eventually be considered a Hard Bounce and be placed in the Cleaned section of the address book. We will allow 7 Soft Bounces for an email address with no recipient activity and up to 15 Soft Bounces for recipients with previous recipient activity before converting a Soft Bounce into a Hard Bounce.

A Hard Bounce or a Complaint moves the email address to the address book Cleaned list after the 1st failed attempt.  

For additional details and for tools that can help you clean your address books, please see the article named Cleaning Your Address Books. Once you update your list, you can resume sending your media by clicking Resume in the Status column in the History section. The Resume link will only become active after you update and clean the affected address book. If you exceed 3 attempts sending from the affected address book and your Bounce rate continues to surpass 5%, both you and your account administrator will receive an email warning advising that you will only have 2 more attempts before address book features will be placed in a temporary suspension. SendYourMedia will suspend only the ability to send from email address books all together but all other features will remain in place. Your account Administrator will be notified and will have to contact SendYourMedia support to have the Address Book feature reinstated. 


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