Sending Packages to Your Address Books

Once you have added your package from Send Packages and clicked Email Package, follow these steps:

1) From the Email Tab choose Address Book.

2) Select either Send to Subscribers, if only sending to one or a few recipients, or Send to Address Book, if sending to all recipients in an address book all at once. 

The Address Book Dialog appears. The upper left dropdown defaults to All so all addresses from all address books combined are displayed. You can use the Address Book dropdown to only display addresses in a specific address book. 

Hint: You can use the Search feature to search all Address Books at once.

3) To add a name through Search, enter the desired name or email in the Search field and click on the name to be added from the quick fill that appears right below the field. 

You can also scroll through the names and click on Add this address next to the entry.

As a third option you can use the Checkbox next to each individual entry or click Select All then Add All Selected Addresses

4) Click Ok

To remove addresses from the Confirm lower section click Remove this address next to each address you would like to remove.

You can also use the check box next to each address to remove it. Once you select those to be removed click Remove All Selected Addresses. You can also choose Select All to check them all at once.


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