Introduction to Address Books

The Address Book page allows you to add as many address books as you would like. Users under your company will have their own address books. 

From your Home Page click Address Book.

There are two address books that are included with every account that cannot be deleted. The Default Address Book and the Company Address Book.

Any new address added in the Email Tab, when emailing packages, will be automatically added to the Default Address book. These addresses will appear in the Email Tab through an auto complete feature. 

The Company Address Book is shared with all other users under your company account.

To add a new Address Book follow these steps:

1) Click Add New Address Book.

2) Name your Address Book and click Add.

Hint: Address Books can be reordered for convenience using the Drag to re-order feature. 

Hint: You can search for contacts using the search box. The search will go through every address book and display the results showing in which address book your contact is located.

You can always change the name later by clicking Edit on the Address Book entry.

To delete one or multiple entries click the checkbox next to the entry and then click Delete.

3) To add contacts click Manage.

At this point you can add contacts one by one by clicking Add Contact.

Address Books can be shared with other members of your team. Under the Share column find the address book you wish to share and click No to change it to Yes. You will then be able to either allow or not allow changes by others by clicking the link on the Permissions column.  

You can Import Contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook account. You can also import an MS Excel spreadsheet in these formats, CSV, XLS or XLSX file.

To Import click on any of the icons and follow the steps.

When importing from an MS Excel file a mapping page will appear. You can then map each column to its corresponding field.  

Hint: If your MS Excel files are organized the same way every time, you can save your custom mapping by checking the box next to Save Custom Mapping before you click Import. You will then be able to easily select your saved mapping from a dropdown during your next import.

Email address and Name can always be changed by clicking Edit on the entry.

Hint: You can always move any contact in any address book to any other address book by clicking Edit next to the contact and selecting the destination address book from the dropdown before clicking Save Changes. 

To delete one or multiple entries follow these steps:

1) Click the checkbox next to the entry

2) Click Action

3) Click Delete

You also have the option to move or copy contacts to another address book or unsubscribe them from your list.

There is another dropdown with some view options. This changes the addresses displayed on the address book. The first group is Subscribed followed by Unsubscribed and Cleaned. The following explains the definitions a little further,

Addresses that you have entered or imported.

Recipients that you have sent emails to in the past that have opted out of receiving emails from you.

Addresses that have received Hard Bounces or enough Soft Bounces and have been Cleaned from this address book. To learn more about our policy regarding Bounced Emails, please see the article named SendYourMedia Email Bounce Policy.


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