View Details

The View Details page will provide you with the view and download results of each individual file.

The Name column will show the name of the File and, in the case of Video and Audio, it will also show the Total Time of the file in parenthesis. The File Activity column will show when the file was viewed or downloaded. The Duration column will show for how long each Video or Audio file has been viewed or heard. You can quickly compare by looking at the Total Time next to the file name.

Documents will show the document name and the total number of pages, the date and time the document was viewed, the total view duration of all pages combined, and a link to the Page Views page.


The Page Views page will show the date, time and the duration of each individual page view.

A single page entry will appear when the document is set to standard mode, in the package, and a two page entry will appear, as shown below, when the document is set to magazine mode.

Please note that there is a maximum of 30 minutes per page view. If any page shows that it was viewed for the full 30 minutes it will likely mean the recipient walked away from his computer or device and left the document opened.

Images and Downloads will show the date and time when the file was viewed or downloaded.


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