Package Views

From the Activity Log you can click on Views or Total Views on any entry.

These two types of View pages look similar but there are some key differences. The Views page is for the individual results of only one recipient. The Total Views page will display total results for multiple recipients combined with averages.

When you open a Views page, you will first notice the Package Analytics section. If you sent the package via email you will also see an Emails section. Below is a description of each result. 

Package Analytics

Total Views are the total amount of package views including multiple views by the same recipient.

Unique Views will only record one view per recipient and display a total of Unique Views when sending the package to multiple recipients. This means that if any recipient views the package more than once, only one time will be recorded per individual recipient.

Conversion Rate is the percentage of recipients that you sent this package to that sent you a response via the Direct Response form or, if configured, clicked the Link Button on the package.

Leads will take you to the page that will display the contact information and comments of those recipients that sent you a response via the Direct Response form or filled out the Shareable Link form. This same button will read Conversion when the package is configured with the Link Button. It will not function as a button in this case. You will only see the total conversion amount.


Recipients shows the total number of email recipients.

Opened shows the total email recipients that opened the email.

Open Rate shows the percentage difference between the total recipients that did not open the email versus the ones that did open it. 

Complaints shows the total recipients that sent us an Email Spam complaint on this email. For a description of Email Spam see the following article name What is Email Spam

Unsubscribed shows the total amount of recipients that unsubscribed from the Address Book.

Bounced shows the total amount of Bounced emails. There are two types of Bounced email. A Hard Bounce is an email sent to an address that no longer exists. A Soft Bounce is a returned email because of an inbox that is full. For details concerning how SendYourMedia handles Hard and Soft Bounces and how they affect your Address Books please see the following article named SendYourMedia Email Bounce Policy.

Hint: It is very important to maintain your Address Books clean and avoid both Complaints and Hard Bounces. Having too many can cause an account review and a suspension of services. To learn more about cleaning your Address Books and some tools that can help you, please see this article named Cleaning Your Address Books

File Name, Rating and File Views are displayed by file category. Video, Audio, Images, Documents and Downloads. You can see how many times each media file has been viewed, heard or downloaded.

Hint: Video and Audio files that can be downloaded from their players will count a download as a view. 

If your recipients have Liked or Disliked any one of your included media files the results will be shown on the Rating column.

​Clicking on Details will take you to the Details page. You will then see the date and time for each file that was viewed or downloaded.

To learn more about the Details page please see the following article,

View Details

The Total Views page will instead give you total view results of multiple recipients combined. In the case of Video and Audio, it will give you an Average Duration for all recipients combined.


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