Introduction to the Activity Log

The Activity Log is where you will find a listing of the packages you have sent or shared and many options related to the same.

The Name column will show the names of packages. When multiple packages are sent or shared at the same time it will show the total amount of packages included. Clicking on the View icon will preview the package or packages. 

The Sent to column shows the recipient name and email. When you email multiple recipients at once it will show the number of recipients. If you have shared on social media it will show the name of the social media web site. If you have shared through Shareable link it will show the name of the location you entered on the Shareable link form.

If you would like to preview the email you sent, click the Email icon.

To forward this package and the email message click the Forward icon.

Clicking the View icon will show when the package has been opened and the date and time.

When sending to more than one email recipient the Multi-recipient icon appears instead of the View icon. Clicking on it will show all your recipients individually. The Multi-recipient icon also appears when you share through Shareable Link and activate the form in order to collect new Leads. It appears when more than one Lead registers to view a package. Clicking on the icon enables you to view the individual results for each person that viewed the package. You can learn more by reading the Generating a Package Link article.

The Date Sent column shows the date and time when the package was sent or shared.  

The Status column will show the status of your package or packages. For the specifics on status results please see this article on Activity Log Status Column Definitions

Status column Icons will show your the conversion results for each entry. To learn more about conversion results please see the article named Converting Package Recipients.

The Interest column displays a bar graph, with a percentage, that is based on the content viewed and for how long. It provides you a quick way to see how interested your recipient is in your materials based on engagement.   

The File Views column shows whether the package or packages have had any views. It will either display No Views, Views or Total Views

No Views means the package has not had any file views.

Views is shown when package files have been viewed by the recipient.  

Total Views is shown when you send or share a package with multiple recipients.

When you send multiple packages at once you will see a Drop down when clicking Views or Total Views allowing you the option to see the results for each package. The Green dot confirms that the package has had file views. The Red dot means that the package has not had any file views.

The Views, Total Views or the Package Name on the dropdown will take you to the Views page. To learn more about the Views page please see the following article,

Package Views

Hint: In Activity Log you can use the Search box to search by package name, location, recipient name or email address. Click Reset under the search field to display all of your entries again. All columns also have a sorting feature next to the column name so you can display the results alphabetically.


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