Introduction to History

In History you will see a listing of the packages you have sent and several options related to the same.

The Name column will show the names of the packages you have sent. Clicking on the View icon will preview the package. 

The Sent to column shows the recipient name and email. If you would like to preview the email you sent, click the Email icon.

To forward this package and the email message click the Forward icon.

Hint: If an entry contains multiple packages and one or more have been deleted, SendYourMedia will only forward the existing packages.

Clicking the View Activity icon will show if the package has been opened and the date and time.

When sending to more than one recipient the Multi-recipient icon appears instead of the View Activity icon. Clicking on it will show all your recipients individually for this entry. 

The Multi-recipient icon also appears when you enable the Shareable Link form in order to collect new Leads. It appears when more than one Lead completes the form in order to view the package. Clicking on the icon will show the individual History entries for each Lead. You can learn more about the Shareable Link option by reading the Generating a Package Link article.

The Date Sent column shows the date and time when the package was sent or is scheduled to be sent. 

The Expiration column shows when the package will expire and the recipient will no longer be able to see it. For packages sent through email, you can change the expiration date by clicking the Calendar icon. You can also change it to Never Expires

The Status column shows whether the package was Sent, Scheduled to be sent, Resent, Shared, saved as Draft or if the package on the entry has been Deleted. You can also Resend any package that you have emailed to the same recipient or recipients by clicking Resend. Resume appears when an email blast has been stopped by SendYourMedia because too many emails bounced or had too many complaints. You must clean the affected address book before Resume allows you to continue. To learn more about managing your Address Books please see the following articles,

What is Email Spam

SendYourMedia Email Bounce Policy

Cleaning Your Address Books

The Delete column provides you with check boxes to delete individual History entries or you can select All. To delete an entry, select it from within the column then click Delete. Once the entry is deleted the recipient will no longer be able to open the package. You must consider that you will loose the Activity Log results and their associated leads for this entry. The package itself does not get deleted only the entry History.

All columns also have a Sorting feature next to the column name so you can display the results alphabetically.

You can use the Search Box to search by package name, location, recipient name or email address. Click Reset under the search field to display all of your entries again. 


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