Generating a Shareable Link

After adding a package from Send Packages, the Shareable Link option allows you to generate a unique link for your package selections. This link can be pasted on a Blog, Website or any other location of your choice.

Hint: If you do not wish for the package or packages to be available any longer, you can simply delete the entry in the History section. You must consider that you will loose the Activity Log results and their associated leads or conversions.

1) Enter the Location where you will be using this link. This does not need to be anything more than just a name.

2) You have the option to include a required registration form to view the package or packages. This is a way to collect leads in exchange for viewing your package contents. The required fields can be selected by the Check Boxes. When your prospective leads click on the link, they will be taken to the form page before opening the package.

Hint: If you selected to share multiple packages at once the form page will feature the first package you added. 

3) Click Get Link. This will copy the link to your clipboard. All you have to do is paste it to your desired location.

4) Click Close.

You will then get a confirmation.

To learn about how these results will display in the Activity Log see the following article,

Introduction to the Activity Log 


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