Selecting Packages to Email or Share

1) From My Home click on Send Packages.

The Add Content tab appears. Under File Manager on the left you will see the available packages.

Hint: If you don't see any packages listed in the Add Content tab, you have not been assigned any packages. Only your account administrator can assign packages. If you are the administrator, please see the article named Assigning Packages to Users.

2) To add the entire package, click Add next to the package name.

All package contents will now appear on the right side under Package Contents.

To only add a file category such as Video, click the (+) sign next to the Package Name then click Add next to Videos. You can also click the (+) sign next to Video or any other file category to only add individual files. 

To remove packages, file categories, or individual files, click Remove from the Package Contents on the right.

Continue adding additional packages as needed.

Hint: When sending multiple packages, packages will be presented to the recipient in the order that you selected.

3) Once you have completed your selections choose whether you would like to Get a Shareable Link, Email Package or Share Packages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+

Please see the articles below to learn more about each of these options.

Generating a Shareable Link

Emailing Packages

Sharing Packages on Social Media


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