Uploading Files to Your Package

If you are the Administrator or have been given Edit or Create Packages permissions, you will see the Create Packages button.

Click on Create Packages,  choose a package, and click on Step 2 Upload​ Your Files

Hint: After you complete the steps, create your package, and upload your content you can come back and preview it by clicking the package name on the Create Packages page.

You are now in the File Manager for this package. SendYourMedia identifies your media by file type or by categories. These are Videos, Audio, Images and Documents. Any other file type will go directly to the Downloads section.

Hint: You also have the option of sending the file directly to the Downloads section by checking the option "Place file in Downloads folder" before uploading. You can also Zip the file and place it in downloads section. Files that you opt to place directly into the Downloads section have no preview for the recipient. They are only available to download.

To upload files, click Browse or Drag and drop your files in the box labeled Drop Files Here. You can upload multiple files at the same time.

  • Acceptable HD or SD Video files for the media player are WMV, AVI, MP4 and MOV
  • Acceptable Audio files are WAV and MP3
  • Acceptable Image files are JPG
  • Acceptable Documents are PDF
  • Any other file type will automatically be placed in the Downloads section of your package.

Note: If you uploaded HD video files, SendYourMedia will play back those files with adaptive streaming through Amazon's Content Distribution Network. Dependent on your recipients internet connection they will be able to see your videos in High Definition. Slower connections will downgrade to SD quality.  

Video file entries will have an edit icon next to the thumbnail. Clicking edit will allow you to change the thumbnail that appears on the video player. You will also be able to upload your own. Only the thumbnail of the the very first video will be shown. You can always re-order your videos if you have more than one.  

Audio file entries will have an edit icon next to the thumbnail also. Clicking edit will allow you to change the thumbnail that appears on the audio player. You will also be able to upload your own. Only the thumbnail of the the very first audio file will be shown. You can always re-order your audio files if you have more than one. An example thumbnail for an audio file could be an album cover.  

Hint: On the left side you will notice your package name and the categories listed. If you click on a category only those types of files will be shown. So for example, clicking on Videos will only show Videos. If you wish to see all available files again click your package name.
Note: When your files are uploaded SendYourMedia creates a compressed file copy to be viewed by the recipient regardless of file type. Although your original files remain safe, at rest, compressed files created for preview on the package could be downloaded when shared.    

If you would like to view or hear any of your files, click the View icon next to the file name under the File Name column.

You can change the file name displayed on the Package by clicking Edit on the Display Name column.

Video, Audio, Images and Documents can be made available for you recipient to download from the media viewers by selecting the check box labeled Allow Download on the Options column. 

Documents can be presented in standard mode, meaning scrolling from one page to the next, or as a Magazine which allows the recipient to flip through the pages from left to right. Check the box View as a Magazine to enable this feature. Please note that on certain mobile devices such as phones with small screens the recipient will only see one page at a time when the phone is held in portrait.

If you would like to allow your recipient to print the document check the box labeled Allow Printing. If you would like to allow your recipient to download the document check the box labeled Allow Download.

You can also change the order in which your files appear to the recipient by using the Drag to re-order feature. 

Once you have completed uploading files to your package you can preview it by clicking Package Preview.

Hint: In the File Manager for the package all files will display their size and the date uploaded. The total package size, which includes all files, will be displayed on the bottom of the page. If you select a specific category such as Video you will then see the total for just videos.

You can always delete one or multiple files by first check marking the files and clicking the Delete button. This will send your files to the Recycle Bin. Click the Recycle Bin to either restore or permanently Delete those files.

To proceed to the next step and learn how to Convert Your Recipients see the article named Convert Recipients.


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