Upgrading or Downgrading Your Plan

With SendYourMedia you can always Upgrade or Downgrade your plan at any time. All upgrades and downgrades are effective immediately. When downgrading or changing billing cycles, any amount already paid will be credited against your new plan. Only the Company Administrator will see the Upgrade option and can make plan changes. To learn more about user roles please see the article named Description of User Permissions

1) To Upgrade or Downgrade click the Upgrade button.

2) Choose your new plan by clicking Select Plan under the plan columns. 

3) Select any Add On's you would like to include with your plan such as additional storage and streaming.

4) Click Upgrade.

If you are downgrading and your current usage exceeds that maximum allowed with your new plan you will see a page showing you the changes required in order to downgrade. You must complete these changes before you can downgrade.


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