Introduction to Company Totals

If you are the Administrator, you will find Company Totals in the Admin Panel. This page displays the Package Views for all Packages under your account sent by every user combined. 

You can use the Search box on the upper right to search for your packages.

The following filters can also display your desired information,

All Records will show the total Package Views for all packages sent by every user combined since the account was opened.

Packages Sent From, To will allow you to narrow down your results from a beginning date to an end date.

You can also use the Sort By Letter to sort your results.

The Package Views and Package Views Graphs columns will show you the total amount of package views for all users combined for each package in your company account.

Clicking on File Views will open the Views page.

On the Views page you will see the total recipient File Views for all the users in your company combined. You will also see the video and audio average duration. 

The following is detailed description of the columns:

The File Name column displays the File Name and, in the case of video and audio, the Length in Time of the file in parenthesis. 

The Rating column shows the total amount of Likes and Dislikes by every recipient combined.

The File Views column will show the total views for each file in a package. This again is an accumulated total for a package that could have been sent by multiple different users in your account.

The Average Duration, in the case of video, audio and documents, will show the average amount of time the video was watched, the audio was heard or the document was viewed. This result is again for a company total combined. 


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