Admin Panel History Status Definitions

Lead Icon

This icon appears when any recipients have become Leads by responding to you by either filling the Response Form on the Package Media page or by completing your required form after clicking a Shareable link. You configure the Response Form by going to Create Packages and clicking Convert on any package. 

Conversion Icon

This icon appears when a recipient has clicked the Link Button on the Package Media page. You configure the Link Button by going to Create Packages and clicking Convert on any package. 


To learn more about the conversion features including the Response Form and the Link Button, see the article named Converting Package Recipients.


This package or packages and the email message were saved as Draft. They can be sent at a later time from History. 


The package or packages have to been scheduled to be sent via email on a future date.

Email Sent

The package or packages have been sent through email but have not been opened.


The package or packages have been resent via email from History but have not been opened.

Email Opened

The email or emails have been opened but not the package.

Pkg Opened

A package has been opened.

Some Pkgs Opened

After sending multiple packages only some have been opened but not all. 

All Pkgs Opened

All packages have been opened. 

Pkg Shared

Appears when the packages has been shared on Social Media or via Shareable Link.


Appears when SendYourMedia has paused an email blast due to too many Hard Bounces or Complaints.


Shows the total recipients that sent us an Email Spam complaint on this email. For a description of Email Spam see the following article name What is Email Spam. 


This recipient unsubscribed from the Address Book.

Hard Bounce 

This is an email sent to an address that does not exist.

Soft Bounce 

An email that was returned from an inbox that is full.

For details concerning how SendYourMedia handles Hard and Soft Bounces and how they affect your Address Books please see the following article named SendYourMedia Email Bounce Policy.

Hint: It is very important to maintain your Address Books clean and avoid both Complaints and Hard Bounces. Having too many can cause an account review and a suspension of services. To learn more about cleaning your Address Books and some tools that can help you, please see this article named Cleaning Your Address Books.


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