Introduction to the Admin Panel History

If you are the Administrator, you will find the Admin Panel History in the Admin Panel. It displays activity for all records under your account.

The following filters display your desired information:

  • All Records will show every package sent by every user since the company account was created.
  • Select User will show all packages sent by the individual user you select from the drop down menu.
  • Select by Date Range will allow you to narrow down your results from a start date to an end date.

The Sender column will display the User’s name.

The Name column will display the Package name. Clicking the View button will Preview the Package.

The Sent Date column will display the date the package was sent or is scheduled to be sent.

The Recipient column will display the name and email of the recipient. Clicking the Email button will show the email. The Text button will show the text message and clicking the View button will show if the package has been opened and the date. 

When sending to more than one recipient the Multi-recipient button appears instead of the View button. Clicking on it will show all your individual recipients for this particular entry. 

The Status column will show your package status. For more details on Status definitions and Icons please see the article named Admin Panel History Status Definitions

The Status column will show the Leads icon when the entry has sales leads associated with the package. If the package is instead using the Link Button, and there has been a conversion, you will see the Conversion icon instead.

The File Views column shows whether the package or packages have had any views. The Views and Total Views links will take you to Views page. 

When you send multiple packages to one recipient, and you click Views, you will see a drop down showing you the packages. The Green Dot confirms that the package has been opened. The Red Dot means that the package has not been opened yet. If the package has been opened, clicking on the Package Name will take you to the Views page.  



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