Description of User Permissions

The following is a detailed description of User Permissions.

Company Admin
The Company Admin has full unrestricted use of all features available in SendYourMedia. Some of the key features include:

Complete Access to the Admin Panel and all of its features
Complete Access to the Billing and Account Summary page and all of its features
Permission to change the Company Name in the My Account page 

Creates Packages
Allows Users to Create Packages, Upload filesBrand Packages and select the Conversion method. They will also be able to enable Assign and Edit package permissions to existing account Users. They will not be able to add any new users as this feature is limited to the Company Admin.  

Once Packages are created they can be assigned to Users. Assigning Packages causes the Packages to appear in the Send Packages section. Users can then send those Packages through Email or post them on Social Media.

The Edit Package permission allows the User to make changes to the package. The changes can include, Add or Delete its files, change its branding or its permissions. Edit will not appear if you created the package yourself as you already have this permission.

Hint: Any Package created by a User with Create Packages permission will appear in the Create Packages section of the Company Admin's account. The Company Admin will need Edit permission to edit the package just like any other user. However, the Company Admin can enable his or her own edit permission. 


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