Adding Users to Your Account

If you are the Administrator, you will find Users in the Admin Panel.

You can add new Users by following these steps:

1) Click on Add New User

2) Provide the new User's email

3) Enter a password and confirm the password

4) Enter the user's first name and last name.

5) Choose whether you would like to email the login information to the user.

6) The Company Admin dropdown allows you to assign Company Administrator permissions to the User. Please note that Company Administrator permissions do not restrict any features whatsoever. The User will be able to control all account features the same way the account owner can. 

7) Save

Below is a description of the columns on the User page,

The Users column will display the name of the User. 

The Active column enables you to activate and deactivate the user account.

Hint: No information is lost if you deactivate a User account.  The User will simply not be able to log in.
The View Address Book Column allows you to see and make changes to any user’s address books. 

The Creates Packages column allows you to give any user permission to create packages and assign them to other users.
The Package column allows you to assign Permissions of packages to users. Please see the article name Description of User Permissions for a more detailed description.
The Edit column allows you to change the user information such as email, name and password.  
To delete one or multiple users first click the check box on the user entry then click Delete.


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