Emailing Packages

After adding a Package from Send Packages and clicking Email Package, the Email tab appears.

1) Enter the First Name of the recipient 

2) Enter the Last Name 

3) Enter the Email Address 

Hint: Additional names and emails can be added using a Semicolon Divider (;)

4) Enter a Subject

5) Write a Message in the Email Text field. When writing your message you can use variables to your message. The Variables icon looks like this, { } and its under the bottom right of the message field. Variables are placeholders that can change and will be populated when you send out messages. For example, if you are sending a message to multiple recipients, you could use the First Name variable as a salutation such as Dear {{First Name}}. SendYourMedia will populate your recipient's First Name on every email sent.

To add a signature to your email check the Add Signature checkbox. If you have competed your information in the My Account section you will see it appear in the following order,

a) Your First and Last Name

b) Your Title

c) Your Phone Number
Note: If you have a direct number it will take priority and appear. If you have a company number and an extension, your company number will appear followed by your extension if a direct number is not available. 

d) Your company logo

To learn how to update your information in the My Account section click here. (Link)

When using your address books you can select any combination of recipients from any of your Address Books or select an entire address book. For the article on how to send packages to an address book see the article named Sending Packages to Your Address Books.  

Hint: Any name and email address entered for the first time will automatically be added to the Default Address Book. The next time you are sending to the same recipient, their information will appear as an autofill option once you start typing their name or email. 

6) Choose whether you would like Delivery of your package now or if you rather schedule it for delivery in the future. You will have a choice of date and time.

7) You can also set an Expiration Date. The recipient will no longer be able to view the package after your selected date. 

Note: Your selection will only affect the recipients you are sending to on this specific instance and not anyone else you have sent to in the past or sending to in the future. 

8) Lastly you have some Options.

Send me an email notification when the package is opened. This option will email you to let you know when your package has been opened.

Send me an email notification every time the package is opened. This option will email you every single time the package is reopened by each recipient.

Bcc me. This option will send you a blind copy of the package you are sending.

Do not show my company logo on this email. This option hides your company logo on the email.

Password (Optional). If you enter a password, your recipient will be required to enter that password before opening the package. You must provide your recipient with the password via phone or by some other means.

Remember these options. When checked, your selected options will reappear the next time you send a package.   

9) Click Next for an email preview and to select your email template.

10) From the Email Preview you can select which Template to use to send your email. Your selection will be remembered when you send your next package. You can now click Send Now, Next or Save Draft to see the Package Preview.

11) From the Package Preview you can click Send NowSave Draft or Cancel.

Hint: If you are sending multiple packages you can preview each one by selecting the package name from the green bar at the top of the package preview.

12) Once you click Send Now you will get a confirmation your package was sent. 


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