Assigning Packages to Users

1) From My Home click Create Packages.


2) Select a Package and click on Step 4 Assign to users

3) On this page you can assign the package to your account users by using the check box next to the user’s name. Those users will then be able to share the package via email, social media and through shareable link. To learn how to send or share packages please see the article named Selecting Packages to Email or Share.

Hint: If you have not yet added any other users to your account, you can also add them from here. Simply click on Add New User.

Hint: You can also assign this package to all users by clicking Select All check box under Assign. 

4) If you check the Edit box next to the user name you will be granting this user an edit package permission. This would allow this user to make changes to the package including deleting and adding files.


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