What is a Package?

A Package is a single branded multimedia page with a video player, audio player, image viewer, document viewer, and a separate download section for any other file type. Recipients can play videos and audio, view images and read documents from within the package making it easier to get all the information they need in one page. Packages are used to present products or services. They are also used to promote special events, send press releases and much more. 

Packages can include a response form to convert a recipient into a sales lead or you can link directly to another page such as a shopping cart to complete a purchase. You can label the button for your specific needs. When using the form, some examples could be; Send a Response, Contact Me or RSVP to an event. When linking to a shopping cart you could label it Buy Now.

Hint: When linking to a package from your blog or another web site, you can require a form to be filled in order to see your package. This feature is very effective for collecting leads when a package contains helpful content that others will find useful. 


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